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A Holistic membership like no other

Through Stel's offerings you will learn to better understand your feelings and the things you can change. You will reconnect with your body, release any held or stuck emotions, feel lighter, become clearer and more grounded.

You’ll understand how the mind works and you’ll be equipped with accessible self-care tools, coping strategies and professional support to navigate through your own life or healing journey in a holistic way that is supportive and strengthens you.

The membership focuses on self-love, soul care, emotional healing, following your soul path and soul purpose, shadow work, trusting your intuition, connecting with the Universe, and spiritual growth

Unlimited, all-access membership.

I feel more grounded and aligned

Stel’s energy healing sessions always come at exactly the right time for me. They help me to feel grounded again, gain perspective on situations and overall just feel lighter. I try to do them every couple of months to keep me aligned and unblocked but they are worth their weight in gold even through one session. If you’re not feeling quite yourself, or you’re struggling with situations in your life these sessions really help you to release the blocks and be able to calmly and objectively move forward. Stel is amazing at what she does!

Carla Caswell

I felt like I was floating and had a deep sense of calm

Stel is an incredible Yoga Instructor and Energy Healer. I attended her Charkra Balancing Workshop on Saturday and was blown away by her knowledge, how she held the space and how incredible every detail of the event was. I felt like I was floating and had a deep sense of calm as I headed home after the workshop. If you've been thinking about having a session with Stel or attending one of her events, I'd say do it! It'll be one of the best experiences you'll have.

Chloe Bright


Access to Bi-weekly meditations and healings

As part of your Align and Shine Membership, you get free access to 2 x weekly online meditation and healing sessions

Monthly lunar rituals and yin yoga classes

Monthly magical ceremonies and rituals for members 

including yoga, journalling , energy healing and so much more.

Library of Guided Healings Meditations

Tune into the energy of

inner healing by diving deep into my library of calming guided meditations, yoga classes and energy healings.

Monthly 3-day Challenges

I'll coach you throughout the year with monthly 3-day mini challenges to provide you with tools to connect deeper with your body, mind and soul.

Secret Align and shine Telegram Group

Join the secret Telegram Group where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and create connection. A virtual home for align and shine members like you.

A Private Podcast Feed

I’ll help you stay consistent with my private podcast feed

 that offers clear direction on the exact actions you can take to transform your life day by day.

About your Healer and Coach

Stel Coombe-Heath is a wellness coach and certified energy healer from Melbourne, Australia.

She is a yoga teacher, a writer and a podcaster specialising in spiritual, emotional and holistic healing.

Through her extensive training in energy healing modalities, EFT tapping and cognitive behavioural therapy, she can effectively help people to heal their relationship with food, remove negative energy from their bodies, improve their self-confidence and better manage stress.

With over 4 years of experience practicing energy healing, Stel also has a background as a Pranic healer, and 350 hours of yoga training in Hatha, Restorative, and Breathwork. She believes that complete healing is possible with the right mindset, openness, and ability to ask for help.

Her company, Wholesome Lifestyle Project, helps women to heal their relationship with food and with themselves. When she is not facilitating coaching or healings, she hosts the "Beyond overeating by wholesome lifestyle project" podcast, and is a published author of the Amazon #1 bestseller "Reclaim your inner goddess"

Her aim is to work with clients on an energetic level, so that they can release old, hurtful and negative emotions that are stored in the body, affecting their thoughts and feelings about themselves.

I had an experience that words can't describe

Stel is gentle, calm, patient and tuned in immediately to my energy during my reiki session. I let go of my tension and had an immediate physical reactions during and at the end of my session that no words can describe. I'll definitely be back and have already recommended her to my friends.

Kerrie R

From a stressed out wreck to totally relaxed

Stel makes you feel relaxed from the moment you walk into her studio. She picks up on blockages with an uncanny ability that puts you at complete ease. Her ability to turn you from a complete stressed out wreck into someone who can actually take a breath and feel alive is like nothing I have ever experienced and it really is uplifting. I could not recommend getting a healing from Stel strongly enough.

Melissa P




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